Notes on the water-column REE dataset

This Rare Earth Element (REE) data was collated as part of a continuing effort to understand the water-column distribution of the lanthanide's and to assess their use as tracers of micronutrient sources, redox and particle scavenging intensity.

This version of the data-set was updated by Peter Scott in September 2012.

If you know of existing REE data not included in this dataset please contact

The dataset: The file is .csv.  "ref. no." refers to the publication number as in the list below (please cite accordingly).  North and east are positive; depths are in metres; REE measurements are in pmol/kg and have been converted where originally quoted in other units. Filter size (where known) is in µm. Undetermined values are listed as NaN.

Numbered notes on data set:

1.       Depths revised and Gd data added in 1985 (ref 30)

2.       Conversion from 10-12 g/g to pmol/kg applie

3.       Values available for Dy, Er, Lu – but are illegible

4.       Lat-Long from Piepgras & Jacobsen (1988)

5.       Republished results of Sholkovitz and Schneider (1991)

6.       Depth quoted as 3 to 10m. Shown as 5m depth

7.       Acid soluble REE concs at the same stations

8.       Conversion from pmol/l to pmol/kg applied (assumed seawater density of 1.035)

9.       Lat-Longs estimated by google earth overlay of image

10.   Suspected contamination on samples raised in paper - data removed

11.   Latitude and Longitude calculated using DataThief from map figure

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References containing water column REE data

(note: Numbers correspond to "ref. no." column in dataset)

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