Notes on the water-column Th and Pa dataset

This Th and Pa data was collated as part of a continuing effort to understand the water-column and sedimentary distribution of 232Th, 230Th and 231Pa and to assess the use of these radionuclides as proxies for ocean dust input, sediment accumulation, paleo-productivity, and past ocean-circulation.

This version of the data-set was updated by James Wilkinson in July 2012. 

If you know of existing 232Th, 230Th or 231Pa data not included in this dataset please contact

The dataset: The file is .csv.  "ref. no." refers to the publication number as in the list below (please cite accordingly).  North and east are positive; depths are in metres; Th and Pa measurements are in dpm/1000litres and have been converted where originally quoted in other units.  Undetermined values are listed as -9.999. 

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References containing water column 230Th, 232Th and/or 231Pa data

(note: Numbers correspond to "ref. no." column in dataset)

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