Baltic Sea GEOTRACES Cruise

GEOTRACES Cruise Ship - RV Oceania  Kim and Rob taking samples.

The Baltic Sea is one of the largest brackish basins of the world with periodically anoxic conditions in its deep waters, making it a unique place for chemical oceanography. This GEOTRACES process study had three main aims, to identify and track major fresh water input sources of trace elements and isotopes to the central Baltic, to obtain high resolution profiles across the redoxcline in the anoxic deeps, and to sample the exchange with the North Sea. The cruise on board RV Oceania, a Polish research vessel based at IOPAN in Sopot, included scientific researchers from Germany, Sweden, Poland, and the UK. The samples collect by this research group are being measured for Rare Earth Elements, Oxygen isotopes and 236Uranium.

People Involved: Rob Gooder, Kim Pyle