ODP Core-repositories

JOIDES Resolution research shipWe develop and refine geochemical proxies which enable reconstruction of the environment. In order to apply these proxies to the past, we need samples from the past. One of our major sources of such material are the sediments cored by research vessels from around the oceans. These cores are stored in repositories such as those of the Ocean Drilling Programme. ODP is an international organisation that runs the ship shown in the upper figure, the JOIDES Resolution.

Refrigerated German repository at BremenThe cores taken by this ship are stored at repositories in the USA and in Germany. The middle picture on this page shows one of many aisles in the huge refrigerated German repository at Bremen.

Conall MacNiocaill sampling a section fromThe final picture shows Conall MacNiocaill sampling a section from one of these cores for paleomagnetic work. These samples are being used to investigate the timing and mechanisms of excursions of the Earth's magnetic field in the past.