On the Arabian Sea coast, to the south east of Muscat, lie a series of uplifted marine terraces. The first figure here shows the location of these terraces, highlighted by the red circle. The second figure shows an overview of the terraces above Fins beach. Terraces are highlighted in red, and numbered. The lowermost terrace, Number 1, is probably formed in isostatic compensation to the melting of the ice-sheets at the end of the last ice age. This would give it a probable age of �4 thousand years. Other terraces are of unknown age, but each of them hosts large numbers of corals which will enable U/Th dating.

This U/Th dating will enable the history of uplift of this coastline to be assessed. This coast is not presently tectonically active, so why it should be uplifting is unknown. One suggestion is that it reflects bending of the tectonic plate as it approaches the subduction zone to the North at the coast of Iran where it is thrust into the mantle.

The third figure shows a particularly fine terrace, with Miocene bedding dipping towards the sea and the upper flat surface representing a wave cut platform with a thin brown veneer of beach rock.